The Noise between the Neutrons

On the 15th of September 2009 I had the pleasure of giving a short “stand up science” talk at the Q-day event in Lund, Sweden. I prepared myself to deliver a most flipped-out presentation, but the competition for that was pretty hard when being squeezed in among main speakers like the Nobel Prize winner Kary Mullis, the parapsychologist Susan Blackmore, the world famous artist Spencer Tunick, the founder of Atari and the gaming industry Nolan Bushnell and Kristofer Lundström from the Swedish national TV being the conference moderator.

Q-day was the opening day of the European Innovation Conference (Innovation in Mind) this year and gathered a large audience. Q – Signs of Tomorrow was started in Lund, a city largely characterized by vivid contacts and interplay between the largest university in Scandinavia, innovative corporations and an exciting cultural scene. In Lund, there is a thousand-year-old tradition of innovation and the creative interchange of ideas.

Q-day is an arena  for cross-border meetings between people who share curiosity and a burning interest in the future. Q-day takes as its point of departure the fact that new and exciting things tend to start, not in the centre, but in the periphery, in the points of intersection between different ways of thinking, different backgrounds different types of knowledge, cultures and ideas.

Being the Corporate Communications Manager at European Spallation Source (ESS) in Lund, with a background as musician and composer, I took this opportunity to promote the future ESS materials science facility by venturing into the physics behind the aesthetics in music. Enjoy this video and prepare for some wild connections, moving from the world of music over to the pictoral arts, ending in the domain of accelerators and particle physics.