Karl McFaul (ESS) and Lars Norén (NCC) inside the Malmö City Tunnel

A visit down the Malmö City Tunnel

Together with Allan Larsson (Former Chief Negotiator of ESS and Minister of Finance in Sweden) I gave a presentation to the construction company NCC, one of the leading construction and property development companies in the Nordic region. After lunch I had the pleasure of joining the NCC crew on a guided tour down the Malmö City Tunnel.

The City Tunnel project is a project where almost everything happens in large numbers. This includes the amount of concrete used – in total about 400,000 m3 along the 17 kilometres of railway path with a 6 kilometre long tunnel running under the city of Malmö.

We went some 25 meters below ground to visit a 250 meters long and 14.5 meters wide railway platform beneath the really centre of Malmö called Triangeln. This train station will become the second largest in Sweden when it comes to the amount of daily passing travellers.