The Neutronics: Stories From The Sound

Enjoy and share this YouTube video with my new song “Stories From The Sound” performed live with my band, The Neutronics, at the world premiere presenting the unique energy concept for the European Spallation Source in Lund, Sweden.

An act of true inspiration lead me to compose this song with music and lyrics celebrating the beautiful life around arts & science in the Øresund region in general and the fascinating work at the European Spallation Source in specific. During my travels to different cities and work places involved in this job, I get to meet so many fantastic, competent and kind people from all around the world who gathers here in the Øresund, working to create a place for openness, innovation and a sustainable way of life.

The song describes a little adventure around the mystery we’re all so excited to build, operate, explore new things and do science with. It elaborates on our five senses, how research and innovation is driven by curiosity and the mix of different cultures. I’ve also managed to fit in the capital cities of all the sixteen partner countries involved in the fantastic ESS project.

I would like to thank the great musicians Alexadra Hamnede, Sebastian Lilja, Peter Andrén and Marcus Liliequist for our magic team spirit and professional concentration, performing a completely new composition on such a short notice. I would also like to thank all my colleagues at The European Spallation Source, ESS, for the creative spirit you fill my workdays with together with Lund Energi and E.ON who all paved the way for this musical piece and performance.

The Neutronics
The Neutronics

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