• Anna Oscarsson, Alf Rehn och Stephan Müchler i Almedalen

    Reflektioner kring innovation i Almedalen

    Trevligt provocerande, underhållande och insiktsfullt inleder Stephan Müchler, VD i Sydsvenska Industri- och Handelskammaren, almedalsseminariet “Bygger vi framtidens företag på…

  • Internet ways

    How To Become Successful In The Internet Age

    Innovation Management is a key to success for an entrepreneur in today’s democratised, dynamic, digital and globalized high-speed economy. Entrepreneurs, innovators, creators and artists needs to model an enterprise architecture for their business and organize in a way where they can operate on this new market and take advantage of the Internet and its users. The world is still in its tentative first steps when it comes to optimising business architecture for the age of the Internet. You will have to face that you are part in pioneering a new paradigm.

  • Your Happy Guide to 2012!

    2012 (MMXII) is a “leap year” starting on Sunday in the Gregorian calendar, the 12th year of the 3rd millennium and of the 21st century. Here we list some exciting activities taking place in 2012. “Sustainable growth at the regional level is now, more than ever, predicated on the capacity to innovate,” says Rolf Alter, director of the OECD’s Public Governance and Territorial Development Directorate. Regions are the economic engines of the world economy and are increasingly playing a driving role in the push for innovation and economic competitiveness.