Collaborative Change Model

Impact Playground Trondheim Norway

OiER and UNGSII in cooperation with UNOPS and the UN Office for Partnerships are uniting 25 leading cities and 5 Indigenous Communities from around the world to prove that full SDG implementation by 2025 is possible when people come together and focus their efforts and resources on creating a sustainable future.

Main program elements:

1200: Global check @ library (live feed)

  • Introducing Impact Playground / LearningSociety Charter

1230: Playspace Innovation

  • Journeyfication, Eventification, Amplification & Unification / Future navigators

1300: UN SDGs – making the goals actionable

  • Budgeting for SDGs in Ghana / Hilde Opoku
  • Participatory Smart Cities / Øyvind Tanum
  • Strategic planning / Hans Petter Wollebæk

1400: Big Design & Open innovation

  • Reframing & Big Design / Mattijs van Dijk
  • Libraries as a platform for open innovation / Berit Skillingsaas Nygård

1500: Snack & small-talk

1515: WorldShift Declarations

  • Creating Your Declaration
  • Creating social, intellectual, structural and financial capital / Future Navigors

1700: Trondheim innovation Safari / Jaya Thomlison

1800: Global check-in @ Digs (Live feed)

1900: Dinner

2000: SDG Cities Leadership Platform / Roland Schatz

2300: From Powerhouse to Powerhouse

2400: Global check-in @ Nidaros Cathedral (Live feed)

  • Share you message for the future using #LearningSociety on Twitter

01:00: The Journey Continues

0600: Global check-in on Zoom (Live feed)

  • Hosted from California, USA

0900: Meet up @ Trondheim Library

1200 Global check-in and wrap up (Live feed)

  • Hosted from Accra, Ghana

1300 The rest of 2019 begins!

Why we do this? The year of 2019 comes with new opportunities to create a better world, both locally and globally. Part of the reason we want to do this hack is because we simply want to get some important work done, and figuring out how to do it together suggest a need for mutual engagement. Secondly, we think their is still scope to open communities up for new ideas and better solutions. This open innovation and the development of methods that support open innovation is also partly why we do this. Finally, and maybe most importantly, we want to play, and have a good time! We believe a playground needs to be both useful and playful to sustain itself.



Jan 07 2019 - Jan 08 2019


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Trondheim Public Library


Trondheim Public Library
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